27 October 2011


Before I go to sleep, I'd like to enumerate the blessings I had the past weeks...

1. After 4.5 years, I finally finished my Diploma course in Music Education!!! :) and I am eligible to enroll in the Bachelor's degree program! so happy. ;)

2. My grades for the last semester was awesome! The Lord is soooo good!

3. I will be playing for ate Faye Villanueva and kuya Aria Chelabian's wedding on Saturday. My first wedding harang ever! I will be playing good music with Aj, Patrick, and Aie. So excited!! ;)

4. After 3 years of waiting and praying, I said yes to AJ Villanueva last Oct.25. Of course, we had the blessing of our parents. :) I will love him as much as I love God and my family. We plan not to change our Facebook status YET. Please give us also the privilege to tell THOSE WHO WOULD (DARE) ASK about our relationship (no unnecessry indulging. WAHAHA). We pray that God will be glorified and that others will be blessed with our relationship. ;D


17 October 2011

Will I Base My Life on Theories?

In our EDSP 121:Creativity class, we studied about The Developmental Stage Theory by John Curtis Gowan. The central issues of this theory is as follows (Gowan, 1980):

  1. Combination of the Cognitive Stages (Piaget) and the Affective Stages (Erikson) into unified form.
  2. Extension of the five Piagetian stages into eight -- the three new ones being: creativity, psychedelia, and illumination
  3. Periodicity of three in figure, which results in similarities between 1, 4, 7, etc.
  4. Reinforcement of concept of discontinuity, succession emergence, differentiation and integration as components of escalation.
  5. Significance of dysplasia (malformation in development) as splitting of cognitive and affective stage levels in malfunctioning individuals.
  6. Emphasis on self-actualization as escalation into higher developmental stages.
In our class, we were asked to work on translating The Ekrikson-Piaget-Gowan periodic developmental stage chart into something simpler and creative. I, along with my Team EDGE groupmates JP and Jam, used drawings and cut-outs to do our chart.

That's JP, me, and Jam working on the simpler developmental stage chart.
We used 3 different colored papers to represent each affectional mode: latency, identity, and creativity. In each paper, we included the Child, Youth, and Adult Stages for each affectional mode.

The Individual and the World
The Individual and Others (Sorry, the picture is not clear!)

The Individual and the Self
We originally planned to string it together, but we weren't able to due to time constraints.

Team EDGE with our simplified Developmental Stage Theory Table!
In doing this, I wonder what stage I am presently in. I believe I am in the Industry vs. Inferiority stage. I am 19 years old and I am still wondering what I can do for the benefit of those around me. I already know who I am and what I want. I now have to determine my goals depending on who I am and what I want. Intimacy vs. Isolation? I think I am content as of now with regards to my relationships with people. Still, I will not let this theory box me as a person. I am basing my life not on theories but on the will of God. He has greater plans for me than these stages. Also, God's plan was in detail. I'd rather trust in Him to be a better and God-glorifying person. My God is not a theory, because He has proven Himself to me time and time again. :D

16 October 2011

The Life of a Creative Person

Alexander John Villanueva is one of my college-mates in the UP College of Music. Let us together see his views about creativity. Click HERE to view the presentation on prezi.com :)

15 October 2011

Para Sa Ating Pagkabulag

humahampas sa mukha
hinihinuha ang bawat patak sa mala-sutlang balat
sa ulan mo lamang hinahambing
ang mga pagkakaibang
pare-pareho lang naman

sa isang patak na nagdudulot
ng matinding pagdadalamhati
sa mga namumutawing pag-iisip

ngunit gusto mo manatiling
kapiling ang kalangitan
mamarapatin mo na lamang mawala
bago mo maramdaman
ang gaspang ng semento
ang lambot ng tubig
o ang lamig ng isang naiwang lalagyang
tinanggalan ng kasarinlan

kasihan ka nawa ng mga dagat at ilog
na ibinuwis ang buong buhay
sa pagpapakalat ng biyayang
pilit mong sa kahon pinagkakasya
isang kaluluwang walang ginawa
kundi tumitig.

mas mabuti pang
alam ng ulan ang kanyang paroroonan
alam nyang ang dapat sa mga tulad mo
ay inaanod ng kanyang
malakas na kamay
at pinapasukob sa mga silong
na yari sa dugo't pawis
ng mga nagagalak sa patak ng ulan

~para sa komposisyon ni kuya Panggo Sarreal na mayrrong kaparehong pamagat
~ignorance of the self to the world