08 March 2014

Kolisko Waldorf music recital

Early this year, when I finished my units for BM Music Education last semester, I wasn't sure what to do next. It was, I think, a blessing in disguise that I didn't know what to do. I let God take the lead.

Early this year, I was hired as Music Teacher at the Kolisko Waldorf School, all thanks to Teacher Ford Pundamiera for referring me. I was a bit worried that my students won't be able to learn anything because I'm new, I might be soft-spoken compared to T. Ford, yadda yadda yadda.

Fortunately, my co-teachers and the parent-admins were approachable. Adjusting to the curriculum and the kids became easier. Also, the students' love for music-making was so deep, they have the natural urge to make music with others and to be excellent in it. Music is a part of their being.

Yesterday, we had a music recital at the GSIS Theater. The numbers were mostly violin and recorder ensembles. Singing numbers were a breath of fresh air for them. The Grade 6 students sang "Love, the gospel in the Word is love". Students from Grades 3, 4, and 5 sang "Another Ordinary Miracle". T. Ford composed a new melody for "Ama Namin" wherein all the students sang and played along with me (piano) and T. Ford (cello). I also accompanied the Quijano sisters in singing "Lullaby of Birdland", "Seasons of Love", "I say A little Prayer". and "Thank You for the Music". It was a recital full of love and care and happiness. The recital deserved its title - Yakap: Musika ng Pagmamahal.

After the recital, many teachers and parents congratulated me because they were so happy to see the kids enjoy singing. I myself was so excited to see what my students can sing in the future. Many people also apologized because they weren't able to acknowledge me after I played the piano. I didn't mind it one bit. Once I'm immersed in music-making, I am concerned with the music itself. Also, I am very grateful to God for giving me musical gifts and letting me use it to teach others.