27 September 2015


I. Paghahanap
Saan ba maririnig ang Iyong ngalan?
Sa gitna ng ingay, Ika'y katahimikan.
Sa katahimikan, Ika'y nagsusumigaw.

II. Pagtuklas
Ikinikislap ng mga tala ang ngalan Mo.
Ipinapakita ng pagsikat at paglubog ng araw
Ang mga kaparaanan Mo.
Ang pagtangis ng kalangitang naninimdim,
Ipinapahayag ang pagkasuklam Mo.
Iniukit ng mga kabundukan ang ngalan Mo.
Isinasaboy ng mga bulaklak na namumukadkad
Ang samyo ng kaligtasan Mo.
Ang huni ng mga ibong naglalakbay,
Ipinapakalat ang mga kabutihan Mo.
Ikinikintal ng lahat ng ito na Ikaw ang ngalan Mo.

III. Pananalamin
Saan ba hindi masisilayan ang Iyong ngalan?
Sa wangis ng tao, Ika'y alintana.
Sa kadungisan ng mundo, Ika'y nangingibabaw.

IV. Pagpuri
Pilit mang itago ng karamihan
Pumupumiglas pa rin ang Iyong ngalan.
Sumisigaw ang lahat ng nilalang
Patungkol sa kanilang Manlilikha.
Pinapagmasdan lamang ng mga hangal
Sa di-kalayuan ang pagdiriwang.

Panandaliang hihina sa gabi,
Pagsapit ng umaga'y magsisimula muli.

V. Pagtapos
Paano nga ba maiwawaglit sa pandinig,
Ngayong kay linaw nang isinasambit?
Ikaw at ikaw lamang ang tanging mananatili:
Noon, ngayon, at hanggang sa ang mundo'y manahimik.

Inspired by the Psalms. :)
For a composition of AJ Villanueva

08 March 2014

Kolisko Waldorf music recital

Early this year, when I finished my units for BM Music Education last semester, I wasn't sure what to do next. It was, I think, a blessing in disguise that I didn't know what to do. I let God take the lead.

Early this year, I was hired as Music Teacher at the Kolisko Waldorf School, all thanks to Teacher Ford Pundamiera for referring me. I was a bit worried that my students won't be able to learn anything because I'm new, I might be soft-spoken compared to T. Ford, yadda yadda yadda.

Fortunately, my co-teachers and the parent-admins were approachable. Adjusting to the curriculum and the kids became easier. Also, the students' love for music-making was so deep, they have the natural urge to make music with others and to be excellent in it. Music is a part of their being.

Yesterday, we had a music recital at the GSIS Theater. The numbers were mostly violin and recorder ensembles. Singing numbers were a breath of fresh air for them. The Grade 6 students sang "Love, the gospel in the Word is love". Students from Grades 3, 4, and 5 sang "Another Ordinary Miracle". T. Ford composed a new melody for "Ama Namin" wherein all the students sang and played along with me (piano) and T. Ford (cello). I also accompanied the Quijano sisters in singing "Lullaby of Birdland", "Seasons of Love", "I say A little Prayer". and "Thank You for the Music". It was a recital full of love and care and happiness. The recital deserved its title - Yakap: Musika ng Pagmamahal.

After the recital, many teachers and parents congratulated me because they were so happy to see the kids enjoy singing. I myself was so excited to see what my students can sing in the future. Many people also apologized because they weren't able to acknowledge me after I played the piano. I didn't mind it one bit. Once I'm immersed in music-making, I am concerned with the music itself. Also, I am very grateful to God for giving me musical gifts and letting me use it to teach others.

03 January 2014

Bawat Araw Ay Pasko

Umiihip na ang malamig na hangin
Mas maikli na ang araw kaysa gabi
Makulay at maliwanag ang paligid
Maraming nagsasabing, “Pasko na naman muli!”
Ang unang pasko’y ating balik-tanawin
Malamig ang hangin, mahaba ang gabi
Ang mga bituin, nagsilbing palamuti
Hinayag ng mga anghel ang paskong dumarating:
Ngayong araw, Sya’y purihin, pasalamatan, sambahin.
Ngayong araw, ipagdiwang araw ng Kanyang pagdating
Ipinagpalit ang trono para sa isang sabsaban
Upang bawat araw ay Pasko

Umiihip na ang malamig na hangin
Mas maikli na ang araw kaysa gabi
Tila ba buhay nati’y sinasalamin
Nag-a-alala, nangungulila, “Pasko na naman muli.”
Ang unang pasko’y ating balik-tanawin
Malamig ang hangin, mahaba ang gabi
“Wala nang matutuluyan,” lahat yan ang sabi
Pinanganak ang Pinangako sa gitna ng mga dayami
Anumang mangyari, Sya’y purihin, pasalamatan, sambahin.
Anumang mangyari, ipagdiwang araw ng Kanyang pagdating
Ipinagpalit ang trono para sa isang sabsaban
Upang bawat araw ay Pasko

Umiihip na ang malamig na hangin
Mas maikli na ang araw kaysa gabi
Ano nga ba ang Pasko para sa atin?
Mga regalo, pagdiriwang, mga palamuti?
Ang unang pasko’y ating balik-tanawin
Malamig ang hangin, mahaba ang gabi
Si Hesus, pinili tayo na ibigin
Upang, sa krus, tayo ay magkaro’n ng kapalit
Kaya bawat araw, Sya’y purihin, pasalamatan, sambahin.
Bawat araw, ipagdiwang araw ng Kanyang pagdating
Ipinagpalit ang trono para sa isang sabsaban
Upang bawat araw ay Pasko

Ito ay sinulat ko para kay AJ Villanueva. Nilapatan nya ito ng musika at kinanta nya noong Bisperas ng Pasko sa kanilang simbahan. :)

2013 Highlights

It's never too late to thank God for what happened in my life last year. :)


  • Elected as UP College of Music Student Council Treasurer for AY 2013-14.
  • Nothing much really happened during this month, but I sure am grateful for another year!
  • AJ had dengue. Thankfully, he was healed. :))
  • British School Manila workshop on Kalinga indigenous instruments with T. Pat Rodriguez and T. Tim Cada.
  • 38th International Bamboo Organ Festival
  • CCBC had Ptr. Nathan Hutchison and family back! :)
  • First concert of Dawani Women's Choir with the Chorus Class of Dr. Beverly Shangkuan-Cheng.
  • Cornerstone Academy's Alumni Homecoming! :)
  • 21st birthday!
  • Went to Cebu with Kuya Johnny, Kuya Kurt, Jaz, and Mia.
  • CCBC Youth and Young Pro get-together at Nuvali/Eton.
  • CCBC's 25th Anniversary. It was also my first time to conduct our church choir! :)
  • Got an invitation to submit article for Beauty for Ashes book.
  • Enrolled for my last semester as an undergraduate in UP!
  • Pink Toes CorPlanning/Outing at Tagaytay.
  • Dawani workshop with THE Sir Joel Navarro.
  • New family caaaaaaar!
  • Stress is ultimately building up for my Special Project. Yup, I thank God for the stress! I'd rather be stressed than be lazy. HAHA
  • International Silent Film Festival @ Shangril-La.
  • First time to drink beer...at Brotzeit! (No, I didn't get drunk. HAHA. I only had one glass.)
  • Watched the 1st Andrea O. Veneracion Choral Competition @ CCP...Ma'am Bev's treat! :)
  • My special project, Papurihan, was pilot-tested throught all the Sundays of the month.
  • Book launch of Beauty for Ashes at the SMX Convention Center during the International Book Fair. All three of my articles were included in the book!
  • AJ's 24th birthday. :)
  • Papurihan Culminating Activity was very successful!!!
  • All my undergrad units were done! Yahoo! Thank you, Lord!
  • Dawani outreach: Teaching orphan girls music.
  • CCBC Family Camp...after soooo manyyyyy yeaaaaars!!! :)
  • CHICKENPOX for 3 weeks!!! I missed rehearsals for the Dawani concert, but I'm still glad I was able to help. :)
  • Moved to another house...again.
  • Gloc-9's album launch! Yay!
  • Got accepted in Kolisko Waldorf School as music teacher. I will be starting this January! :D
  • Dawani's 1st solo concert.
  • Angela, my piano student, played the piano at church for the first time!!!
  • CONFIRMED: I will be graduating with honors on April 2014. YAHOO!!!!!!!
  • Tagaytay trip with AJ :)
  • CCBC Young Pro Christmas Party. I'm officially a Young Pro! Hahahahaha.
  • The gifts I received this holiday season are so unexpected, I always get teary-eyed when someone gave me something, whatever it may be. In the future, I will be able to show my appreciation to people through material things. Just wait. HAHA XD
  • Tita Belle and Tito Robel's wedding! Played and sung again with AJ... Also had a string quartet (James, Jed, Tin, and Edrick) XD
2013 was a year full of surprises, blessings, hardships, and lessons. Now, I am in another chapter of my life. I will be the conductor of our church choir. I will be a music teacher in a school. I wanted to do another Papurihan-like project in the future. Lord, help me be a better person this year. :)

Every good gift and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of lights with whom there is no variation or shadow due to change. James 1:17 (ESV)

07 October 2013


This beautiful poster was made by Mayie Calvero.

I wasn't able to acknowledge everyone who helped my Special Project. For one, it was highly discouraged because it usually takes so much time. I should only have a one-hour program and I should keep it at that. Of course, I listed down EVERYONE who helped me...and I hope I don't forget anyone. :D Anyway, here it goeeeeees! XD Mahaba-haba po ito. HEHE

UP College of Music
Dr. Jose Buenconsejo, Dean
Ms. Gemma Malicdem, College Sec
If they do not sign on my recital memo or whatever papers are n eeded to be signed by them, I won't have any performance in the first place. HAHA

Music Education Department
Prof. Jocelyn Timbol-Guadalupe, my adviser and the Department Chairperson
You're the best, Ma'am! I am so thankful that you are my adviser. I learned so many things under your wing. I hope this is not the last time that I learn from you. :)
Ms. Janel Bauza, my Elementary Methods teacher
Prof. December Valenciano, my High School Methods teacher
I've learned a lot from you, Ma'am Daisy and Ma'am Janel! Maraming salamat po!
Ms. Pat Rodriguez, my teacher and friend
You never know how you made so much impact in my life as a Music Educator. You are one of those who are very serious and very passionate in teaching music. I learned a whole lot from you, kahit po sa mga tsismisan times natin. HEHE :)
Prof. Sherla Najera
Because you always ask (or pressure) me when my Special Project will be, and I always say "1st semester, AY 2013 po". :)) Salamat po!
Ma'am Hannah Oh and Prof. Joey Valenciano

My other teachers
Teacher Gladys Balan
Teacher Glad! I am so inspired by your love for Philippine Music, so much that I used Philippine music for my culminating activity. I remember how you always challenge me to make a project that advances Philippine music education (and I was a freshman then!). :)
Teacher Melissa Cumpio
Truly, you've passed a great legacy. I thank God for using you to help me pursue this profession. May God bless you and your family more!
Ma'am Ligaya Quinitio
My first ever voice teacher!!! Lagi n'ya akong tinatanong kung bakit hindi pa rin ako gumagradweyt...at mukhang nag-stress eating daw ako dahil tumataba ako! HAHA Sorry Ma'am, magpapa-payat po ako pagkatapos ng finals week. :D Hehehehehe
Sir Jonas Baes
Thank you for always pushing me to do my best, for encouraging me in times that I wasn't able to sleep, for always telling me that I should never skip meals and catch some sleep, and for telling me that it all work together:)
MY GE professors this semester
Thank you for being considerate whenever I don't feel well. Even though you do not have to care about my majors, you always ask me how it was going. :) And I thank you all for wishing me the best in high hopes that I will be an excellent music educator. I promise that I will :)

Cornerstone Academy
Sa inyo talaga nagsimula ito eh! Haha. Thank you for supporting me in my music endeavors. You made me a scholar in your Extension program. You always include me in the choral and ensemble singing category of ISAAC. You even trusted me as I compete in the Piano category. :D
Tita Alice Foronda
Thank you, tita, for all your support and for the legacy you left behind. Thank you also for lending me CA's instruments. I checked them all. Wala naman pong nawawala o nasira (maliban po dun sa may mga crack na talaga, which we noted). Salamat po! :D

Mama and Papa
Naman! Kayo ang isa sa dahilan kung bakit natuloy ang special project ko. Minsan hinahayaan nyo lang ako pag hindi nyo ako makausap at pag umiinit ang ulo ko paminsan. Pinagtitimpla ako ng kape, binibigyan ng unan para sandalan ko kasi hanggang madaling araw na naman ako magttrabaho, tinitirahan ng pagkain kasi late na naman ako makakakain, taga-gising, driver ... Syempre, kayo ang financier ko. HAHA XD At kayo din ang nagsasabi na pinagppray nyo ako, at si God ang bahalang mag-pira-piraso ng mga bagay. I thank God that I had parents who supported me from the start. You never questioned me when I chose Music Ed over Bio. You went with me when I took my theory exam and auditions. You rejoiced with me when I get high grades and comforted me when my grades were disappointing. Kahit na nung una, hindi nyo matanggap na umaabot ng gabi ang rehearsals at kailangan ko pa manghingi ng permission letter at itinerary para lang makasama sa performance namin sa Makiling, nandyan pa rin kayo. I love you!!! (Promise, maghuhugas na ako ng pinggan after ng finals. Hehehe)

Kuya and Jared
Kahit madalas nyo akong inaaway...at inaaway ko kkayo dahil kinukuha nyo lahat ng signal ng net pag naglalaro kayo ng LOL, ayos lang kasi kayo ang nagbubuhat ng gamit ko every Sunday. Hehe. Hindi ko naman kayang buhatin yun mag-isa! HAHA Salamat!

AJ Villanueva
Unang-una sa lahat, salamat sa pyesang ginawa mo para sa mga bata. Sigurado akong masaya sila sa nagawa nila dahil sa pyesa mo. Kahit sa rehearsals, sila na ang nagsasabi na ulitin pa ng isang beses para magawa nila ng mas maayos. Syempre, salamat din dahil lagi mo lang ako ng nginingitian kapag stressed na ako at umiinit na ang ulo ko. Ikaw lagi ang taga-kalma ko at laging taga-sabi ng "God is sovereign. He is in control. Mag-tiwala ka lang sa kanya. Basta wag mo syang kakalimutan kasi tungkol sa Kanya yang ginagawa mo." Nakauwi ka galing ng KL ng madaling araw ng Linggo, pero dumeretso ka sa bahay para tignan kung ano na nangyayari sa akin. Nagawa mo pa kumanta para sa simbahan kahit na pareho tayong walang tulog at nangangatog ang boses! :)) Ikaw ang naging audio man ko, kaya balanse ang tunog sa speakers. Ikaw ang nagsabing "Tumingin ka sa mga tao, huwag kang kabahan. Tingin ka lang sa akin kapag kinakabahan ka habang tinutugtog na natin yung pyesa ko." Iba ka talaga! I love you! XD (Thank you din kay Pastor Frank and Tita Bee sa panalangin at suporta!)

Mayie Calvero
Salamat sa napakagandang poster na ginawa nyo! Gustong-gusto ng mga bata yung ginawa mong poster para sa kanila. Sayang lang at hindi ka nakapunta. Excited pa naman sila nung sinabi kong papanoorin mo sila. :D I'm sure maraming may gustong makilala ka kasi namangha sila sa ginawa mo :) Salamat din sa moral support! HUGS!

Cornerstone Community Baptist Church
Pastor Nathan Hutchison and Deacon Joey Cortes
Thank you for letting me use the facilities of CCBC for this project. I have never been more happy to give back to my home church, the church where God placed me and helped me grow spiritually. I also praise God for our simple yet beautiful church building. Many of my guests said that our church is so wonderful because it doesn't really need decorations to be beautiful. Praise God for His provisions and blessings! Thank you also for praying for me and always asking me how my project was. May the Lord bless you all the more!
Ate Mabel Hutchison and Ate Keren Claud
Thank you for sponsoring the kids' merienda! Thank you also for praying for me and for supporting my project through and through. I also thank you for teaching me God's Word. :)
Ate Fely Abundo
Salamat po dahil lagi ninyong kinakamusta ang project ko. Pinapaalala ninyo kung kailangan ko nang magligpit dahil may gagamit ng lugar dahil minsan po nalilimutan ko. :) The best kayo, ate Fely! XD
Ma'am Alma Parreno
Salamat po sa laging pagpapahiram ninyo ng speakers kahit short notice lang. Salamat din po for always checking on me, tinatanong kung sino ang mga kasamang kids at kung sino ang mga kasali. Thank you po!
Ate Ruth Joy Garga: Salamat po sa pag-coordinate with some kids from the Payatas Outreach! I pray that the works of your family in that area will grow and be more fruitful than ever. Thank you also for always encouraging me! You're the sweetest, ate! :)

Veterans Village Christian Church
Pastor Mac Brian and Ate Phebe Perea
Salamat po sa pagpapadala ng mga kids ninyo sa simbahan! :) Nakakatuwa po sila dahil masunurin po sila at talagang interesado sa mga pinagaaralan namin, mapa-tungkol man sa musika o sa Bibliya. Nakakatuwa po ang ginagawa ng Panginoo sa VVCC. You'll always be in my prayers!
Kuya Aljay Cabingas
Ikaw na talaga kuya! Salamat dahil sinasamahan nyo po yung mga bata sa pagpunta nila sa CCBC. Naging photographer ka pa namin... :) Salamat po at pagapalain po ng Panginoon ang inyong pamilya! :D
Tito JR Salamat
Gaya ng apelyido po ninyo (at Middle Name ko. HEHE), SALAMAT po sa suporta ninyo kahit na nasa VVCC po kayo, lagi nyo po akong kinakamusta. :D Pagapalain po sana kayo nila Rem, Ruel, at Tita Emy (Hi tita! Ang gagaling po ng mga pinsan ko! XD)

Guest Performers
Cornerstone Choir
Naks! Guest performer! :D Salamat po sa pagkanta ninyo para sa mga bata! Natuwa po sila sa ever-favorite nating Bahay Kubo na inareglo ni Pastor Iggy Alfonso. :D I'm so proud of being a part of our choir! Kahit kaunti lang tayo, ang Panginoon ang nagbibigay sa atin ng lakas ng loob at grasya (HEHE) para kumanta ng maayos. XD Special thanks to Ate Nikki Alfonso sa pag-coordinate! :) (na-miss ko si Tatay Ric!)
Miguel Aspiras
Ang galing moooooo! Hehehe. :D Salamat sa pag-payag na tumugtog para sa mga bata kahit na 2 weeks before lang kita natanong. Tuwang-tuwa sila nung tumugtog ka at talagang sinisilip nila yung kamay mo habang tumutugtog. :D Syempre, ikaw na ang vegetarian friend ko, na kuntento na sa fruits! Next recital naman, yung kay Jath Borja! Hehehe
Harrel James dela Cruz
Jaaaaaaaames! Sana tuluyan nang gumaling ang kamay mo! Pero, hindi naman halatang masakit ang kamay mo nung tumutgtog ka. At syempre namangha talaga yung mga bata sa pagtugtog mo. ;) Pagpalain ka pa lalo ng Panginoon! XD
Nikka Mae Lopez
Unang-una sa lahat, ANG GANDA NG DAMIT MO! Hehe. :D Pati yung sapatos mo. :))))) Syempre, salamat ng marami sa pagkanta mo. Nakakatuwa kasi pagkatapos ng Leron Leron Sinta, ginagay ng mga bata yung "Leron, Leron sinta, ha-ha!" At least maganda na yung ehemplong ginagayahan nila diba! Stay beautiful! Can't wait for your grad recital!!! X) Thank you din sa pagpapahiram ng video cam mo!

Jael Millan and Nehemiah Carino
Thank you for taking so many wonderful pictures! Jael, salamat at pumunta ka ng CCBC all the way from Global City!!! Nem, salamat din at pumunta ka all the way from your house (HAHA). Ang awesome ninyong dalawa! XD
Kuya Kurt Dilig
Salamat at ikaw na ang namahala sa videography. Salamat din at dinala mo pa ang iyong sariling camera para makakuha ng ibang vids. Sana naman makita ko ano? Kasi yung pics natin sa Cebu, hanggang ngayon hindi ko pa rin nasisilayan. HAHA Thank you po!
Mark Westvent Abesia
Thank you sa pagpapagamit ng iyong zoom mic para i-record ang aking SP. Salamat din at ikaw ay naging SM ko ng biglaan. The best ka, Mark! Recital mo naman susunod! Aaralin ko na yung S2 ng Cantate Domino para hindi na ako mawala sa unang part -_- haha! Praying for you!
Assistant Teachers: Ate Hazel Cruz, Melody Regalado, Tita Mascle Salva, Louise Salva, Jaziel Aguilar, Nanay Gin Alfonso
Salamat po sa inyong oras at talento! Hindi po magiging maayos ang lahat ng ito kung hindi nyo po ako tinulungan. Salamat din po sa pagbigay ng inyong suggestions at pagkukusa na gumawa ng mga bagay kahit hindi ko pa ipakiusap. Sobrang pinasasalamatan ko po kayo sa inyong walang-sawang pag-suporta sa akin at sa gawain ng Panginoon. God bless you all the moooooooooooore!!! Love you!
Kuya Isko and Kuya Dante
NAMAN! Dapat kasama po kayo dito dahil lagi nyo po kaming tinutulungan mag-ayos ng upuan at maglinis ng kwarto. Salamat po sa inyo!
Ian Apilar
Ian! Salamat at tinulungan mo ako sa pag-set up ng condenser mics. Hindi ko kasi alam kung paano! Salamat din at nakakanta ka sa Bahay Kubo, at may nakasama si Kuya Boyet sa Bass! :) Sana pagpalain ka ni Lord sa iyong work. :D
Gab Molina
Salamat sa pag-sundo sa panel ko!!!!!!! XD Sobrang nagpapasalamat ako sa'yo kasi todo parin ang suporta mo sa akin kahit graduate ka na. :) Sabagay, tayo-tayo lang din naman ang pumupunta sa mga SP ng isa't-isa. HEHE Thanks Gab! You're the beeeeeeeeeest! Rakenrol!
Tita Edith Regalado
Salamat po sa pagtulong kay Mama sa paghanda ng pagkain!!! Grabe talaga yung powers nyo pagdating sa pagkain! :)) At pati na rin po sa pagkanta sa Bahay Kubo. :D Sana gumaling na po yung paa nyo kaagad! Paki-kamusta na lang din po si Den para sa akin :D
Manila Composers Lab
Sir B, Ate F, Mayie, Sara, Nikka, Kuya Bogs, Gab, Edrick, AJ, Pats, Trish
Salamat po ng maramiiiiiiiiiii!!! Kapag kayo po ang kasama ko sa school nawawala ang stress ko kasi lagi nyo po akong napapatawa!!! :D Salamat din po sa pag-message sa akin palagi kapag sobrang stressed na ako. More projects to come!!!!! XD

Pastor Iggy Alfonso, Tita Weng Alfonso, PeeGee and Ethan
Malayo man ay malapit din. Salamat po sa pag-encourage sa akin kahit na nasa kabilang dako pa po kayo ng mundo! Salamat din Pastor Iggy kasi, bago po kayo umalis, kayo po ang nagbigay sa akin ng challenge na sana ang project na gagawin ko ay yung makakatulong sa simbahan. Alam nyo din naman po na napakalaki ng impact ng inyong pamilya sa aking buhay. May God bless you more and may we see each other soon!!! XD

Dads: Eduardo Salamat
Dads! Sayang at hindi nyo na po ako naabutan nang ginawa ko ito. :D Salamat po kasi kayo po ang unang guro ko sa musika. Naaalala ko yung mga kantahan sessions natin kapag hapon. Hindi man po natuloy ang pangarap ninyo na magkaroon kayo ng anak na naging Music major, nagkaroon naman po kayo ng apo na Music major. :D Salamat Dads, miss na miss ko na po kayo. Aalagaan namin si Mamang ng mabuti :)

My fellow SP people and recitalists
Denise Yango, Rendell Bata, Olivia Martinez, John Jathniel Borja, Mark Westvent Abesia, Stef Quintin, Nikka Lopez, etc etc etc.
Kaya ninyo yan! I'm praying for all of you! And I know you will do well because all of you are very excellent in your craft. Praying for all of you!!!

Noemi Binag
For always giving me a hug even if you don't know exactly the reason why I was very down and stressed out. I am continually praying for you. Balitaan mo naman ako :)

Sa lahat po ng nanood at sumuporta nung Linggo, maraming maraming salamat po!!!

God, You deserve all the praise here. I definitely won't be able to do this by my own strength. Thank you for sending all these people to help me. Thank you for all the strength you gave me every time I won't be able to sleep. Thank you for the wisdom you gave me as I work for this project. Thank you God for being God. Thank you for saving me through Jesus Christ, the reason that I can offer all these things to you in an acceptable manner. All glory and honor comes back to YOU! :D

*All pictures are taken by Nehemiah Carino and Jael Millan.

Nem: https://www.facebook.com/nemcarino/media_set?set=a.10151691746096821.1073741829.640756820&type=1
Jael: https://www.facebook.com/jaelmillan09/media_set?set=a.4987465023694.1073741831.1811611363&type=1
**Not in order :D

Giving the introductory remarks
Lupang Hinirang
Singin Salidummay
Moving to Levi Celerio's Kalesa
Cornerstone Choir singing Bahay Kubo arr. by Pastor Iggy Alfonso
Matulin din sa kalsada, Tumatakbong maginhawa, wala pang gasolina! :)

James and Nikka performing Cancion Filipino by Francisco Santiago

pa-pu-ri-han Group 4 leader: Arlene

Pandok and Kikay, from CCBC Payatas Outreach, reciting Psalms 33:1-4

These four beautiful ladies reciting Luke 10:27

AJ smiling before the premiere of his piece starts


AJ giving cues to the children

Our awesome shirt!!!

pa-pu-ri-han Group 2

Miguel playing Ating Cu Pung Singsing arr. by Prof. Agot Espino

Ruel reciting Hebreo 7:24-25 (Yes, he recited it in Tagalog!)

Nikka singing Leron Leron Sinta arr. by Lucio San Pedro

Closing prayer

Jael taking a picture of Nem taking a picture :))))

Assistant teacher Sofhia helping Group 4

Explaining pa-pu-ri-han

James and Nikka

Manobo ahung by me, Ruel and Angela

pa-pu-ri-han Group 1 helped by assistant teacher Melody



Manobo ahung


James playing Habanera No. 1 by Ernesto Vallejo

Allie and Angela reciting I Corinthians 10:31

pa-pu-ri-han Group 3 with assistant teacher Mascle


Ika'y pupurihin dahil Ikaw ang Panginoon, Ika'y pupurihin dahil Ikaw ang tunay na Diyos!

LJ waiting for their turn to play


HEY! :)

Miguel's awesome hands!

Nikka's beautiful dress and shoes (hahaha)

James playing Habanera No. 1 in a heartfelt manner

Reciting Hebrews 10:25


Nikka playfully singing Leron Leron Sinta

Looking on...

Miguel's hands (hehehehe)

Ang lahat ng kabutihan Mo'y ibabalik Sa'yo
Ako'y kakanta, ako'y sasayaw, ako'y tutugtog Sa'yo
Kahit nasaan ako
Kahit pa ako ay nalulungkot
Ako'y aawit Sa'yo
Ika'y pupurihin dahil ikaw ang Panginoon
Ika'y pupurihin dahil ikaw ang tunay na Diyos!