18 April 2012

Belated Happy Birthday, Happy Cum Laude, Advanced Happy Graduation!

Belated Happy Birthday!

Last April 15, I became twenteen... Nah, I'm not a teen anymore. I'm already 20 years old! I was actually thankful because I will be forced to be mature, though many remarked me as mature compared to my peers. In my lifetime, this year was the 2nd time my birthday fell on a Sunday. What better way to celebrate the day-I-came-to-be but by praising God with my Church family (which includes my biological family)? Singing praises to God, seeing the DVBS participants sing their theme song, hearing God's Word preached, partaking the Lord's Supper...and offering a song to Him.

I came from Calamba the day before for Jetu's wedding and arrived home late. I might not be in the best singing condition anyone can be in. My voice was hoarse. My eyes were droopy. I had coughs and colds. I still had a hard time singing with braces and occasional bleeding gums. Still, it is not for men but for God. That is the only way I can express my gratitude to the God who saved me and gave me 20 years to live. So...click here for the video of the song. The lyrics was made by me while the music was made by AJ Villanueva. I don't expect it to be applauded by singing experts. I was jittery as well since I am not used to singing ALONE. Just pay attention to the words of the song and I hope you'll be blessed! :)

Happy Cum Laude!
April 16, Monday. At 10 AM, I was already at church for Allie's piano lessons. After the lesson, I went to TriNoMa to meet AJ. AJ called me up when I was riding the FX. He exclaimed, "Ara...Cum laude ako!!! Grabe, sinagot ni Lord ang prayers ko!" I was about to cry because I have also been praying for his appeal to be granted. Truly, God answers prayers! When we saw each other, he was all smiles. I was, too. All I can say was, "Congratulations". It was awesome. The timing was perfect. It was a reason to celebrate and thank the Lord for His blessings!

After we ate lunch at Baliwag (walang diet-diet!), we proceeded to the MRT. Unfortunately, the MRT ran out of cards so they couldn't entertain passengers without stored-value tickets. We were forced to take a taxi to JAM Liner. We then boarded a bus headed to Balibago, Sta. Rosa. This is what I call an adventure! XD ENCHANTED KINGDOM!!! XD

So, we arrived at EK. It was my first time to see EK up close. AJ didn't see it for a long time. :D I took only a few pictures because I was afraid to get the digicam wet...or I might drop it. :))

This was a double celebration, for my birthday and for AJ being a cum laude! Yipee! We ended our day with a Banapple dinner. Great way to end a tiring day.

Advanced Happy Graduation!
NOT ANYMORE! We just had our graduation earlier today. T. Melissa also graduated from her Masters' Degree. The Cortes were there (Tita Vangie, Tito Tony, Pastor Jones, Kuya Joey, Ate Xands, Joaqui, and Ate Pulay!). Of course Tita Bee and Pastor Frank was there. IT FEELS SO GOOD TO HAVE A SABLAY ON MY SHOULDER. To think that I will have another chance to wear my sablay on my Bachelor's Degree graduation, I'm just thankful to God for all He has done in my life! (pictures of my graduation...to follow!)

Papa, Mama, and I ate dinner with AJ, Tita Bee, and Pastor Frank at King Bee Commonwealth. SARAP NG FOOD! XD

Thank you God for all the blessings You gave me, my family, and my loved ones (AJ and family, T. Melissa and family, etc.). This will be one unforgettable April for me! :D

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