26 March 2008

Before Summer Comes

This week is a very busy one. Yes, because it's finals week! Very pressuring. :) At least, recitals are some kind of a pressure-releaser for me, i have no idea why.ü

March 25 - Voice Finals and Ate Val's recital
Before I had my final exam in voice, my voice is not in a good condition. Very depressing. I almost get on my knees and beg God to bring back my voice, even just this day. "Miraculously", when I was about to sing, my voice just became better. I can't believe it! I was able to sing the higher sol! [babaw ng kaligayahan no? :D] Anyway, I am really thankful to the Lord.

6pm..Ate Val's recital..it's fine, although there are some flaws, we all worked it through. A very nice experience. And very good food. :P

March 26 - Solfege exam and Ate Mizpah's recital
Oh yes! I think I did well in solfege than the last semester. I was so so so so happy! But, I'm nervous when I'm sight reading because Sir Baes is watching, I felt my heart would explode. Well, I did it!! :) Also a bit sad because MuT 11 is done and Sir Eudi might not teach MuT 12 next sem! Wah!!!

7pm..Ate Mizpah's recital! It's held at the Vargas Museum. The performers are very good! I sang "Chua Ay" and "Ikaw Lamang" with the Camerata voices. I think we really did a great job! Aja!! :]

Today - Piano finals and kuya Papo's recital
Well, that's today. haha. I still don't know what will happen. Still, I hope everything will be smoooooooth. :)

So, I gotta go. I'll prepare everything. Yey.ü

Ciao! Arrivaderci!

*New AY's resolution: Bumili ng sangkatutak na black slacks at mag dress sa voice finals! hehe. :))

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