31 March 2008

Lesson Learned :)

Last Sunday, we had our Worship and the Word Youth Sunday or WWYS. I had another great time and I learned a very great lesson! [Too bad, umalis kagad si BLiTZ! Ganda pa naman ng message. Daya!! Anyway, thanks sa paglibre. Ngyahahaha! ü] I learned how to manage time! [I actually started it today and it really worked for me!]
Let me share to you what I just learned. =]
Characteristics of TiME. 1) It is ever present! It's the only constant thing because it never changes. 2) It is neutral. It is the greatest leveller of life because even if you're rich or poor, you all have 24 hours. 3) It is like money. You can spend it wisely or not. 4) It is power. It limits our time and potential [Hebrews 9:27].
WATCH OUT!! 1) Time robbers. It really takes a lot of discipline to manage the time. Let's make the most of every opportunity. 2) Activity Trap. We sometimes accept and accept and accept responsibilities or favors that we don't even know how to organize. :P
Suggested Solutions. 1) Avoid working on several small projects at once. You might be overwhelmed. 2) Finish one project before starting another. 3) Prioritize your projects from the most important. You should, for example, consider the deadlines of each project. 4) Set self-imposed deadlines on projects. If you can go beyond the requirement limits, go! As long as you can do it. 5) Concentrate more on the results rather than the process. Less pressure. ü
The Person Makes His TiME. 1) Know your time. Record your time everyday. 2) Manage your time. Plan your day's activities. Prioritize and schedule your work for the day.
Be The Master of your TiME. 1) Always have something to read or to listen to. 2) Read books like a newspaper. 3) Learn to say NO! *on the basis of your plan's schedule *if you can't give justice to it or you can't do your best *be firm when you say NO. 4)Always have a notebook with you. So you would know what you should do or take down important reminders. 5) Don't procrastinate. Cramming maybe produces the best results but it makes you on your worst.

REMEMBER! Our time is given by the LORD. We then should ask for the ability to manage HiS time wisely.

Don't take time for granted. Manage it wisely. Use it for God's glory. Our time here on earth is limited. Better make the most out of it WiSELY!!

ü_____Ara Janelle Foronda_____ü

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