06 June 2008

Lift Your Head Up. Look Ahead.

Walking down the dim-lit street, I looked at my shifting shadow. I continued to trudge down this beaten path, unaware of anything but the light, the shadow, the road, and me. I realized later on that I was bowing my head so low all along the way. So I decided to lift my head up, I looked ahead only to see a very long stretch of deserted path. To realize my solitude makes me want to walk back from where I started, to choose another path. It was such sweet temptation. Still, I thought about the energy and effort that I exerted to go so long a distance. I continued without even knowing where to end up. Just mere insincts.

A fork in the road. A choice. It's pretty hard because I know there would be no turning back. I squinted my eyes to see the left side. There were so many people dancing, eating, celebrating. Well-cemented road. Interesting. I then shifted my gaze to the right. Very few people were there. They don't have celebrations. I can frankly describe them as poor compared to people in the well-pampered village.

Of course, I walked through the cemented road. Easy. I love parties. They gladly welcomed me, with their smiles though. No discourse took place at all. They instantly gave me food and wine to dine. This is paradise for me after the long walk. After a day or two of full happiness, I decided to continue my journey. Just ten steps from where I came from, I saw a bridge on my left leading to the poor village. I tried to find a reason why those rich people would build a connection with the fortuneless.

Heaviness. Sudden heaviness. Chains on my hands and my feet. Who put those? Maybe I pondered too much that I didn't even notice those chains. Or maybe I was enjoying too much.

I crossed the bridge to the destitute place. It's time, I guess, to find some real adventure. I walked and walked, bearing the heaviness of the chains. At the end of the bridge, some man took of my chains. I was so relieved, not expecting what would really happen next.

It's more massive than the chains that once were on my hands and feet. I almost got on my knees, trying to bear its weight. I've made the wrong decision, I thought. Still, I walked on the dirt road. A step. A pain on my back. A drop of sweat. This is when I knew the meaning of hardship and pain. I cried.

Time passed by, maybe days or years, I didn't really know. The burden on my back became a part of me. Wounds became normal. The thought of it almost gave me sustenance. I have no idea when it would end, this burden. I didn't lose hope. Why? I think I just have to survive. I had the driving force, but not the energy.

One last time. I stepped. I perspired. I fell down. It's as if I'm gonna die. I really want to. Just when I felt that I'm going to draw my last breath, the heaviness just dissolved on thin air. Maybe I'm dead. Or maybe not.

I then realized, I was again walking (or struggling to walk) with my head bowed. I lifted my head. The most beautiful place I've ever seen. Paradise. Tranquility. I remembered the well-off people on my right. I glanced. The road ended. A deep ravine. I was surprised why many fell off the road. Weren't they looking ahead?

Maybe they were looking at themselves, head bowed.
Maybe they didn't see the bridge earlier.
Or they ignored it.
Or they were destined not to be here.

I'm glad I'm chosen.

i'm glad i was chosen to have
God's saving grace to choose Him more than
anything else in the world. ^__^

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