14 March 2010

same old story


i thought i was ready to go on board
young as i am
ambitious as i always have been

i thought i was ready to take over
everything is perfect
it'll be all fine

i thought i was ready to take it in
it's manageable, isn't it
i'm over the top anyway


i am on board
trying to maintain my balance as i walk
i can't even open my eyes to look towards what's ahead

i am on board
holding this on one hand, holding that on another
thinking of everything, anything, something, nothing

i am on board
so tired and exhausted of all the work i did
not realizing that i'm already off-course


"excuse me, but are you in charge here?"
of course i am
i'm just resting

"excuse me, should you really be the one in charge?"
of course i should be
who else can handle it anyway

"excuse me"
what do you think you're doing
who are you anyway

during later...

i wonder why we began moving
i'm still outside
talking to others

i wonder who initiated the move
who took over
with tactless decisions

i wonder
why everyone think its moving
when it really isn't

after later...

is a decision you have to make

-what would you do?
let it adrift?
or admit that you're not in charge?

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