11 June 2010

Well, what can I say?

I watched GMA's 24 Oras to hear what the media can say about my alma mater, Cornerstone Christian Academy of QC. I'm really surprised that all of the guards' verbal harassments can actually end up in locking the gates of the subdivision so as to prevent people from entering.

And the name "Nepumoceno" became an image on television.

So Mr. DEHHA President Nepumoceno was behind all the verbal harassments that Cornerstone Academy students, and even Cornerstone Community Baptist Church members, experience. How rude is that? CA people are willing to come up with an agreement (with the right papers and legal documents), but Mr. Nepumoceno thinks otherwise. In the news, I don't actually see any of the board members with him. Does this mean he's acting only for the benefit of HIMSELF? We may not know. One thing is for sure, locking up the gates with a bond paper posted on the gate saying "CA students are not allowed to enter" are simply rude and are results of very poor decision. Mr. Nepumoceno should have called a meeting or an open forum about this matter. It is very foolish to act on such a matter so harshly.

Will he do this every opening of the school year? Definitely. He already did in the last 3 years or more. As a student, I experienced verbal harassments from DEHHA guards. Not once, not twice, but more than three. I really felt bad that it came down to padlocks. I saw red-haired Zyra holding a guitar (maybe singing all the heat and anxiety away), Daphne squinting from the terrible heat of the sun, and many others who were very uncomfortable.

The news I watched ended with the picture of four uniformed guards in a precinct. The police who came to the incident said that the their guns and their agency's license were expired long ago.

I believe that in a conflict, (usually) two parties are involved. Both parties have contribution in the conflict. I may not know from the minutest detail, but that's how it always goes. Mr. Nepumoceno is one person we should be praying for. Honestly, I hope that CA will declare that they're a school once and for all, especially to the DEHHA board. I want to see a proud banner in front of the school gate, bearing CA's name.

As one of my favorite quotes from The Peacemaker says, "Conflict is an opportunity to glorify God."

Let's continue to show the GOD we are living for, in joy or in sorrow
-just because I am a proud graduate of CA :D
Note: Don't blame the media. In this world, nothing is perfect. Focus on the problem. ^^


Anonymous said...

i am also a mom of a gradeschool student of this school for the second year. and actually i heard that news last year but not the whole info. This issue which was happen last June 11 was a big surprised on our part, i was not able to hear the whole news so i just read it on net.
be it on the part of the DEHHA, or CA, i believe that everything can be settled thru conversation not to the point that the children/student be affected. And hearing those news that the DEHHA's security guards/agency/guns has expired liscence ,i feel so bad and i think everyone is a victim here. To the part of the president of DEHHA there should be a proper explaination on this matter. And settle everything in writings,peace talk and agreement at the end of time these hundred students wer affected here.
As a mom,individual, please have this all settled in proper time.
thank you and May God guide us ALL and lead us to a better community helping each other to mold kids to become a better individual.

Era Janeru said...

Hello there!
Yes, CA did their best to fight for the rights of the students along with every DEHHA resident. If you saw 24 Oras today, we can all say that the LORD is really good. I hope and pray that this issue will be settled once and for all. :) Thanks for praying!