07 October 2012

[I don't have a title yet...]

In the rising of the sun
In the darkness of night
In calamities and serenity
I see God in every thing

In the mighty roaring lion
In the bird's flight patterns
In the wildest and tamest of things
I see God in every thing

I see His hands at work
He's never at rest
A Father who continues
To change His children's ways
His work, a patent of grace
Of love and of mercy
He is never at rest

In the most noble of kings
In the meekest of hearts
In the richest and poorest of men
I see God in every day

In joys and in bliss
In sorrow and in grief
In all the paths of our lives
I see God all the way

The Lord is not yet finished
With the lives of His people
He always knew what's best for us
Which twists and turns to go through
Have faith, have faith!
Have faith in the God
Who promised us greater things to come

This lyrics is a product of our church's study about I and II Samuel.
In every circumstance that David was in, you can see God's hand, be it blessings or judgments. :D

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