17 December 2012

The Call of the Faithful

Abraham was called
When he least expected it
He was told to leave everything
For the land God has promised
He obeyed and set out
For the perilous journey
The "Father of All Nations"
Was blessed beyond imagination

David was anointed
When he least expected it
He was told to leave his shepherding
To become Israel's king
He claimed what was promised
Yet he waited for the day
When the mighty King of kings
Raised him up unto the throne to lead

Mary was visited
When she least expected it
"A baby from a virgin!
Fear not!", said the angel.
Instead of doubting God
She uttered a song of praise
"My soul magnifies the Lord!"
Knowing her Son will soon save the world

Jesus became sin
When He knew no sin at all
We brought Him to death
Yet He gave eternal life
He rose from the dead
To give us hope and joy
To make us saints for His glory
And to live with Him forevermore

For our ancestors in the faith,
God is sovereign in their lives.
He still is, and will always be.
Surrender your all in His hands.
Because God knows His plans for us. Above all, He does everything for His glory.
Let your lives be an instrument for His wonderful plan.

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