07 April 2008

For How Long?

There you were, sitting on a bench along the corridor. Yes, you were playing your instrument. You skillfully played your fingers along the strings. You smoothly glided the bow across that toy of yours. And I could feel that it's a part of yourself, your whole being. I looked through those eyes that mirrors the emotion of the notes. It's just too wonderful to bear.

Even before I saw you, i already pictured the wonderful face with those expressive eyes. You may not know that I have noticed it long ago. I was too stunned, running out of words to say or even think of. Everything seemed to be a dream because I never felt this way before. Infatuation? No. Admiration? Better. I was so good in hiding my feelings that you didn't even know that I "admire" you, or did you? I just wanted to control myself because i might act stupid. You know, the normal stuff. And for one reason, I'm not the showy type of a person when it comes to the issues of admiration. Well, give me a pen and a paper, I can show you anything...uncontrollably, though.

Now, I'm staring at you. You didn't even notice, which is good. I feel secured. I mean, my secret is secured. But for how long?

How long? Maybe after a year since we met each other.

Although it might take more than a year or so, if you would know who I am...

...or who you are.

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