27 October 2011


Before I go to sleep, I'd like to enumerate the blessings I had the past weeks...

1. After 4.5 years, I finally finished my Diploma course in Music Education!!! :) and I am eligible to enroll in the Bachelor's degree program! so happy. ;)

2. My grades for the last semester was awesome! The Lord is soooo good!

3. I will be playing for ate Faye Villanueva and kuya Aria Chelabian's wedding on Saturday. My first wedding harang ever! I will be playing good music with Aj, Patrick, and Aie. So excited!! ;)

4. After 3 years of waiting and praying, I said yes to AJ Villanueva last Oct.25. Of course, we had the blessing of our parents. :) I will love him as much as I love God and my family. We plan not to change our Facebook status YET. Please give us also the privilege to tell THOSE WHO WOULD (DARE) ASK about our relationship (no unnecessry indulging. WAHAHA). We pray that God will be glorified and that others will be blessed with our relationship. ;D