14 September 2011

First Day High!

Last Saturday and Sunday was a day of firsts for me. Let me list them down for all the world to see. :)) *See the pictures below :D


Commute to FEBIAS! After my teaching harang, I went straight to SM North to meet Ate Hazel, Jaz, Mia, and Tita Mascle. I was glad they waited for me. I thought I'd be going there by myself. We boarded a taxi and went into every eskinita available just to avoid the heavy traffic. I thought we're going to be lost! Good thing we got there safe and sound.

The first? The taxi driver was actually thrilled by our stories while we travel. Well, I think that's just how we do it. We talk about anything under the sun! ;)

Ian can DRAW! And I can say he's very good in it. I saw a paper on a pew and I exclaimed, "Sino nag-drawing nito? Galing a!" Ate Hazel told me that it was Ian himself who drew the design of his recital stage. AWESOMENESS.

Tuna Pesto Madness! Due to my very busy schedule, I never had the chance to cook for the family until recently. Since Mama volunteered to provide merienda for the CCBC Choir during our General Rehearsal, I willingly offered my help. I suggested to not cook tomato-based pasta since it might not be good for eating later that day. So we decided to settle for Pesto. We made so many considerations in cooking this dish. We remembered Nanay Gin's rheumatism, Tatay Ric's body pains, Kuya Boyet's and Tita Mascle's high blood, and so on...in other words, consideration for the "mature in wisdom". HAHA. We ended up buying ingredients for Tuna Pesto...which includes Olive Oil! :D

I've been with the choir for almost 4 years, I already knew that the choir loves good food and coffee. So it was a challenge to cook again after my dormant cooking years. Good thing Mama was there to help me! I was indeed happy that the choir loved the pasta along with the cheese bread Mama ordered at the bakery near our house. Jaziel and Mia sure had their share of those cheese bread hang-overs. It was such a blessing to bless others through the labor sprinkled flooded with LOVE.

So what's the "first" here? It's that the food I made with Mama was able to feed some hungry, haggard, but willing-to-give-their-all people of God. :)


Christian Apilar's recital! It's my first time to sing in a recital of someone who is not a college-mate of mine. It was really exciting to know that the choir started to broaden its horizon of ministry. I really missed performances such as this because, this sem, I was somehow detached from my college because of my GE and Educ subjects. Still, I enjoy singing in a mixed-age choir with a united heart to serve God alone than to sing in a crowd full of excellent skill but do not understand who they're even singing to and what they're singing about. Also, Ian was confident during the performance. It was the grace and peace of God that filled his heart and even us, his choir. Though I was sweating like the sun was glaring down at me at 7PM, I still praised God for His goodness and mercy. I enjoy singing with His people!

High Heels Galore. OUCH! Imagine wearing 4-inch heels for almost 3 hours? Great thing I didn't faint or tripped somewhere. I was really REALLY tempted to take off my shoes and go barefoot on stage on the 3rd part. I decided not to do so. Hey, I was able to endure it! But after the closing prayer and taking some shots of the choir, I CAN"T TAKE IT ANYMORE! I took of my shoes on stage. And so did many others. I promise I'll wear flats for 1 month unless ordered. HAHA And yeah, it was my first time to wear heels that high for so long!

The Performance Hangover. Have you ever experienced being so tired during your way home from a performance...then the minute you got home, your eyes begin to open wide and your brain cells began working like it's daytime again? I always experience that. The first here was, this time, it's with totally different people I'm "high" with. Imagine texting with Ate Hazel, Ate Nikki, Ian, etc., at 2AM? Yeah, Ate Hazel's and Ate Nikki's job description is "vampires". Imagine me being one of them! Hahahaha. Never mind. I'd rather go to sleep. :)))

BLITZ! Congratulations on your graduation recital! I knew that the Lord will graciously endow you the confidence you needed to perform well, all for His glory! Thank you sa masarap na pagkain! :P
CCBC peeps! Thank you for coming!

Run through. Dugyot pa si Ian. Nag-ayos pa ng stage!

Judge Lily playing the violin during the first intermission

Couple of the Year! HAHA Tatay Ric and Nanay Gin :)

Looking good :)

Kuya Rein playing the guitar for the 2nd intermission

Ian and the CCBC Choir in action!

3 IDIOTS. hehehe


Isa paaaa!

Amidst all of the pain our feet experienced, we still took this opportunity to have a jump shot! HAHAHA

Sad face :(

Thank you Mia for my eye make-up! Winner!

Meet the Choir! :))

Isa pa!

Tenors and Altos

Pa-singkit from right to left. HAHA Me, Jaz, Mia
Caught in the act! Pastor Iggy and Papa..and me! HAHA :P
The breaking of the Cheese bread :))
2nd round ng pesto and cheese bread :))))

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