08 September 2011

A Worm According to the Book

I am a self-confessed book lover, "book worm". Reading books is one of my favorite pastimes. I have a wide collection that ranges from classics to reference books to sci-fi. In the future, when I have my own crib, I will have my own library. I do set aside some of my allowance for me to be able to buy some books. Some are given to me as birthday or Christmas gifts. Now you know what to give me. ^_^

But yesterday, I began to realize that I'm missing the best book ever to be printed. Yesterday, we studied about I Samuel 9-10 in church. I was very much amazed about the turn of events in the life of the Israelites. The author of the book is very excellent in taking into consideration the details. To make such narration requires such great skill. I began to take interest in reading and learning about the Old Testament. I would like to know how God's hand of providence worked in the lives of His people. Ultimately, I would like to see how everything pointed to the redemptive work of Christ. How I've been a worm ready to be devoured by the eagle, but saved by my Creator in the nick of time!

Now, I won't worry of not having anything to read anymore! :) Hope you find the Bible, especially the Old Testament, not only an interesting read but a way that God will let you know His will for YOU! :)

08sept 2011
late post. sorry! :D

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