01 September 2011

I need a reminder..

Today has been a very “impossible” day for me. I had 2 midterm exams which was very tiring (believe me! lots of hours for memorizing terms and names are just DRAINING!). And all I was mumbling the whole day was “Di ko kaya! (I can't do it!)” I was uttering prayers to God as every minute passed by and as I encountered a question and the answer just slipped out of my mind.

After my last class at 5:30pm, I can't believe that my day in school was finished. And I was pretty confident that I will pass my exams. Thanks be to God in whom my confidence is placed upon.

I thanked my family for their continuous prayers and support by cooking pasta for them. I'm so glad they liked it because this was one of my few attempts to cook pasta. :)

As the day ended, this day became full of possibilities. So instead of complaining and ranting, I'll just trust the Lord with all my heart, soul, and mind. In other words, with my EVERYTHING!


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nikki ganda said...

God's grace indeed... :)