15 September 2011

Today was foodtrip day!

Aj and I went to Binondo to find some of the delicious foods there. We ate fried siopao at an unknown store (a fujifilm sign hung outside the store though). It was delicious! It was my first time to eat fried siopao. Goood thing the first time was not disappointing. We drank sugar cane juice afterwards. Both the sugar cane juice and fried siopao cost 15pesos. Yuuuuum!

Next stop, Masuki! We ordered Original Beef Wonton Mami and Chicken Mami. They're both delicious, definitey better than Chowking (duh?!). The chicken and beef broth was the most authentic broth I've tasted. Also the serving was big. We were full and satisfied with the food. One order costs almost 150php. Suliiit!

We then went to Eng Bee Tin. Aj bought a moon cake. I bought some ube and mongo hopia. We then walked the perimeter of the place so that our food will settle down our stomachs. I thank God that we were safe during our Binondo foodtrip. Truly, I enjoyed walking around Manila. ;)))

We went to Greenhills to try Happy Lemon. I ordered Green Tea Rock Salt and Cheese. It tastes awesome! I cannot believe that green tea and cheese and rocksalt perfectly go together. Then we visited the tiangge...but only a few were open. They're shuffling, we guessed so. We went to a stall owned by a money collector. I saw different kinds of Philippne money! Many of them looked like US dollars. It was so amazing. ;) We also looked for a dress that I can buy later on for ate Faye's wedding. We found a few potential dresses..ahaha.

We went to Banapplel-Greenhills afterwards. As usual, the food was satisfying. ;)

This is one day I will never forget!! Thanks Aj for the treat. Happy birthday to you!

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nikki ganda said...

you've been to binondo!!!!! kainggit!!!! hehehe