31 January 2010

lessons still to be learned

*insights from the message of God's Word that I learned from Church services ^^

1) Unforgiveness is a poison you drink, hoping that others will die.
--the ever-favorite. ahaha

2) Conflict is an opportunity to glorify God.

3) The Christian faith is not about individualism. It takes place within a community of believers.

4) CHRISTIANITY is all about relationships ("Mahal kita dahil Kristyano ako."). It's not about hate relationships ("Kristyano ako kaya ayaw ko sa'yo.").

5) Forgiveness is all about GRACE, not FAIRNESS.

6) Because when we are divided
I can hear Him crying
I can't be a part of breaking His heart anymore
I can't do it anymore
So, brother, I commit my love to you
--I Commit my Love to You by Twila Paris

7) Solve the problem. Don't condemn the sinner.

8) He saved us not FROM the nations, but FOR the nations.

9) The more God shows His imminence, the more we should realize His transcendence.

10) Our utmost purpose is to glorify GOD.

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